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The Bouquet for the Universe

HER POWER Global Female Contemporary Art Online Exhibition 2021  · Chapter Five


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2021 · HER POWER

The prologue of the "Life.Blossom” Exhibition - "Her Power" Online Exhibition, was jointly initiated by HK Art of Nature International Female Art Research Society, Art Life Foundation, and female artists and art institutions.


The first stage will bring the recommendations from our academic consultants, invited curators and  International Women Artists Federation as pilot. Up to now, we have received works from around 120 artists from more than 30 regions (including oil paintings, ink paintings, installations, sculptures, photography, digital images, etc.).


The call for works is still open to public. The online exhibition will also be published by region, theme, category, subject, or material.


The content of the online exhibition will be presented on Art of Nature’s official website and the platform of "Her Art", Facebook,  and overseas online platforms.


Art of Nature Intrenational Female Art Online Exhibition

 Orgainisors :

HK Art of Nature International Female Art Research Society, Art Life Foundation


“Blooming Birds and Wombat with Wattle” , “The Strange Sea Breeze”, “Dancing with Flowers”, “Utopia”, “Waiting for Springtime”




Ann-Maree Gentile《Blooming Birds》《Garden of Flight and Fancy》

Ingrid Dusselberg《Wombat and Wattle》《Wombat》



Ann-Maree Gentile 

Born in Melbourne, Australia in 1966 with formal studies in ceramics and a BA in Aboriginal Studies. “I enjoy making art from whatever is on hand, but specialise in joyful, one off ceramic sculptures.


Blooming Birds, 30 x 50 cm, Ceramic

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021


Garden of Flight and Fancy, 50 x 50 cm, Watercolour on Paper

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021



Ingrid Dusselbergid

Ingrid exhibits regularly nationally and internationally. She has won many awards and was a finalist in the last Australian Ceramic Award Exhibition, Manningham


Wombat and Wattle, 34 x 11 x 16 cm, Glazed porcelain, terracotta and slip

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021


Wombat and Wattle, 34 x 11 x 16 cm, Glazed porcelain, terracotta and slip

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021

This is Wombat Joey Elsie, who is lovingly cared for by special wildlife carers until she is ready to return to the bush. Here in Australia our wildlife is sadly drastically decimated due to bushfires, logging and roadkill! But sometimes little Joeys like Elsie can be rescued out of their mum’s pouches and nurtured til they are ready to return to the wild!


Roma McLaughlin 《Low Tide》 《Waves》

Ogawa Taeko 《The Wind of Hiroshima》



Roma McLaughlin

She is interested in the complex patterns that are created when using a scalpel to cut out a variety of shapes from a single piece of paper. She likes the effect of creating light and shadow with this papercut technique.


Waves, 71 x 91 cm, Fabriano paper, 2020

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021

“These two papercuts are from an ongoing series about the Victorian coastal environment of Australia.

"I keep returning to the sea for papercut inspiration.

I watch the ebb and flow of rolling waves from cliffs above the beach and sense the ocean’s expansive otherness.

Yet I feel connected to its powerful life force and consider the past, present and future of our oceans.”



Ogawa Taeko

Born in Kyoto. Graduated from calligraphy course in Fine Art Department of Kyoto University of Education 1973.


The Wind of Hiroshima, 68 X 138 cm, Pigment paint, 2020

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021


Mi Dong Ying 《Cherry Blossoms》

Dang Thi Duong 《Tropical Floral》《Dance with the Flowers》

Jertta Ratia《A Little Bit of Spring》《Destiny of the Moment of Destiny》




President of the Japan Society of Women Artists Association of the World.

President of the Japan Society of the American Modern Color & Ink Research Institute.

Managing Director of the Overseas Chinese Literature Artists Association.

Fellows of the People's Friendship Association of China International Arts Exchange Institute.


Cherry Blossoms, 40 x 47.5cm, Sumi-ink, Pigment paint ink, Handmade paper, 2020

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021

It is a really mysterious year, 2020, when cherry blossoms bloomed in the snow.

In the clear air of winter, delicate cherry blossoms bloomed stealthily with all their strength. People say, “One meeting, one opportunity”; It is the only chance in a life-time. The cherry blossoms happened to bloom in the snow once in 100 years. It seemed a god came to dwell in each branch of the cherry tree. I drew that moment of the pure time from my heart. I was satisfied with the moment, which gave me a feeling of being alive.

I would like to send the mysterious cherry blossoms I cherished to the people I care about.




- MFA  Ho Chi Minh City Colleges of Fine Arts

  • Member of International Women Artists Federation- Representative of Vietnam

  • Member of VN and HCMC Fine Arts Associations

  • Former Lecturer / Head of Basic Department of HCMC  Fine Arts University (1985- 2010)


Tropical Floral, 70 x 70 cm, Ink on canvas, 2020

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021


Dance with the Flowers, 80 x 80cm, Acrylic on canvas, 2020

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021


圖片 3.png


Representative of Finland of International Women Artists Federation. Member of The Finnish Painters’ Union, the Helsinki Artists’ Association and the Vyborg Artists’ Association (Finland). Studied Free Art School and Master class of oil painting at Finnish Painters’ Union. Participated in over 20 solo exhibitions and many group exhibitions.

圖片 1.png

A Little Bit of Spring, 80 x 120 cm, Acrylic and oil on canvas, 2020

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021

圖片 2.png

Destiny of the Moment of Destiny, 100 x 100 cm, Acrylic and oil on canvas, 2019

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021

Section 4 UTOPIA

Sandra Angliss 《Cornacopia》《King Red and Possum Magic》

Fay Salmon 《Peaceful Garden》

Rajanee Prakkamakul 《Life Blossom- Happiness for all》

Chanida Kanchanalarp《Happiness Life》



Sandra Angliss

Artist and art teacher, living and working in regional Victoria, Australia. Obtained Bachelor of Arts (Painting and Printmaking) from RMIT, Melbourne in 1988, Bachelor of Education (Visual Arts Education) from Melbourne University in 1991, and Bachelor of Teaching from Deakin University in 2001.

Currently Honorary Secretary of IWAF, was Honorary Secretary of IWAC from 1999 to 2017, and Artist In Residence, Conservatory Fine Arts (Penang, Malaysia), in 1996.

Important Exhibitions

2019 11th Thailand-Malaysia International Women Artists Exhibition, Penang, Malaysia 

2019 International Women Artists Exhibition, Yangon, Myanmar

2019 Inaugural IWAF International Women Artists Exhibition “Motherhood – Hope of the World”  Moscow, Russia

2018 International Women's Arts Festival, Memory and History, Gwangju, South Korea

2018 Paint Glenlyon.  Glenlyon, Victoria.

2015 Infinite Love, 1st Hong Kong International Female Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hong Kong 

1998-2016 'Her Presence in Colours International Women Artists Exhibitions’, Malaysia, Thailand, England, Australia, Korea, China, USA, Vietnam, Mongolia, Taiwan   

1997  ‘Cancer – the Journey’, Vic Health Access Gallery, National Gallery of Victoria Awards


2018 Inaugural Dee Waterhouse Award, First Prize, 'Paint Glenlyon 2018'


Cornacopia, 60 x 75cm, Oil, food dye and charcoal on canvas, 2020

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021


King Red and Possum Magic, 60 x 75cm, Oil, food dye and marker pen on canvas, 2020

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021



Fay Salmon

Graduated with a Fine Arts Degree from Latrobe University. She has participated in group exhibitions internationally and in Melbourne and Victoria.  Exhibitions include. "Her Presence in Colours” in Melbourne, Beijing, Taipei, Kaohsiung, and Moscow. She participated in the Imago Mundi Exhibition in Vienna as part of the 55th Biennale of Venice.


Peaceful Garden

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021



Rajanee Prakkamakul

Member of IWAF Thailand. Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Srinakarinthaviroj University and studied visual art from professor Aree Suthiphan. Studied from Mr. William Marazzi, an American art tutor and art critic in Bangkok, and Chinese art from Mr. Zheng Yanyan, a university art tutor in Bangkok.


Important Exhibitions

2019 IWAF, Mosco, Russia

2007-2019 Asian Invitation Art in Korea, Inchoen

2006-2018 INWAC Exhibition in Korea, China, Vietnam, Mongolia, Taiwan, and Shanghai

1988-2017 Solo and group exhibitions in Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Thailand

2012-2013 Brooklyn Sketch Book Project at Brooklyn Gallery, USA


Life Blossom- Happiness for all, 30 x 60cm, Acrylic on canvas

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021

This painting depicts the Life Blossom in a native Thai village, where people coexist with nature. Up above the sky, the sun shines brightly and gives warmth to the land below, without which life on earth can never be.

The people live a simple life in tilted wooden houses, small and simple, but comfortable.  They grow rice, vegetables, all sorts of herbs and fruits to sustain their living. Apart from that, they raise chickens and ducks, etc. and keep small ponds for freshwater fish.

They grow flowers that give them beauty and fragrance. The arrival of spring brings hope and confidence to the people, they feel strong and positive.

In this utopia surrounding it is the happiness of all.


Thailand (Dr. Chanida Kanchanalarp).png

Chanida Kanchanalarp

Born in 1947. Member of INWAC since 1999 and co-president of IWAA - Thailand. Since 1992, she has held several water-colour and oil painting exhibitions, and has exhibited in group exhibition in Sheffield, Daegue, Melbourne, Beijing, Mongolia, Taiwan, Moscow and Shanghai.

Thailand, Dr. Chanida Kanchanalarp -.jpg
Thailand, Dr. Chanida Kanchanalarp.jpg

Happiness Life, 30 x 40cm x 2, Oil on canvas, 2021

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021


Nguyen Thi Kim Chi 《Festivity (Flora)》

Kathy Fahey 《Wattle in the Time of Covid》《Coming out of Covid》

Erica Hestu Wahyuni 《Harvest Towards Prosperity in the New Year》




Member of IWAF. Born 1969 in Saigon, Vietnam.

Held solo exhibitions and joined group exhibitions in Vietnam, USA, Singapore, Taiwan, Chile, Inwaa. Currently member of The Fine Art Association of Vietnam, and The Fine Art Association Ho Chi Minh City.


Festivity (Flora), 80 x 100 cm, Oil on canvas, 2020

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021

Peddling at a young age for livelihood has made Nguyen appreciating the hardworking people. The people collecting recyclables, tools repairer and many other street peddlers making a livelihood with their bare hands, they deeply imprinted in my mind and remains subjects of my work.


Besides, inspired by childhood games, my subject is favorably the children’s pinwheel, windmill, contrasting with the modern wind-turbine. Puppets is an exaggerative portray.



Kathy Fahey


2006-2009: Bachelor of Fine Art (Painting), RMIT University, Melbourne

1994-1999: Visual Arts, Box Hill Institute of TAFE, Melbourne

1993: Certificate of Art & Design, Fremantle Institute of TAFE, Perth


Coming out of Covid, 56 x 76cm, Acrylic on paper, 2020

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021


Wattle in the time of Covid, Acrylic and pencil on paper, 76cm x 56cm,2020

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021

" ‘Coming out of Covid’ and ‘Wattle in the time of Covid’ are paintings that I made in 2020 during the lockdown caused by the global pandemic.  They are paintings of remnant bushland near my home in Melbourne.

During the lockdown friends and I regularly took long walks in this bushland and watched as the landscape changed with the passing of the seasons.  One of the most startling and beautiful changes was the blossoming of the wattle trees abundant in the park.  These vibrant, yellow blossoms that herald Spring in Australia, became a symbol of hope and endurance, a promise of better times to come."


Erica self photo.jpg


Indonesian Artist.


Graduated from Indonesian Fine Art Institue, Yogyakarta in 1998 and Surikov Art Institute, Moscow in 2004. Held 8 solo exhibitions and participated in 26 national exhibitions and 13 international exhibitions.

Harvest Towards prosperity in the New Year.Acrylic on Canvas Teakwood Carved frame, 107x10

Harvest Towards Prosperity In the New Year, 107 x 107cm, Acrylic on canvas, 2021

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021

-The End-


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