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The Mutual Power

HER POWER Global Female Contemporary Art Online Exhibition 2021  · Chapter Three


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2021 · HER POWER

The prologue of the "Life.Blossom” Exhibition - "Her Power" Online Exhibition, was jointly initiated by HK Art of Nature International Female Art Research Society, Art Life Foundation, and female artists and art institutions.


The first stage will bring the recommendations from our academic consultants, invited curators and  International Women Artists Federation as pilot. Up to now, we have received works from around 120 artists from more than 30 regions (including oil paintings, ink paintings, installations, sculptures, photography, digital images, etc.).


The call for works is still open to public. The online exhibition will also be published by region, theme, category, subject, or material.


The content of the online exhibition will be presented on Art of Nature’s official website and the platform of "Her Art", Facebook,  and overseas online platforms.


Art of Nature Intrenational Female Art Online Exhibition

 Orgainisors :

HK Art of Nature International Female Art Research Society, Art Life Foundation


“Structure, Life”, “Mutualism”, “Prophet, Goddess, Woman”, “Label”, “The Final Fragment”



Camille Sabatier《Danse - Série des Corps-Araignées》《Fleur - Série des Corps-Araignée》

《Les Guerriers du Désir》

Michelle Marcuse《The Unnamed Afterlife》《Slippage 2020》



Camille Sabatier

ASFEA recommended artists, French artists and sculptor. Born in 1979 in Montpellier. Studied Contemporary Art and graduated from École supérieure d’audiovisuel Toulouse.


Important Exhibition:

2020 《Humanimalismes》, Paris

2019 Fair Art Frame, Paris 

2006 Tabous or not tabous, Biennale de Nîmes,Nîmes

2004 Videoformes, Clermont-Ferrand


Fleur - Série des Corps-Araignées, Colored Glaze, 2019

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021


Danse - Série des Corps-Araignées, Colored Glaze, 2019

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021


Les Guerriers du Désir, Colored Glaze, 2020

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021

Sociologists believe that primitive tribes are composition of music, religion, sex, and sports. This spider's body is like a tribe. How does this body balanced by 8 legs? The artist chooses to avoid power and violence, but advocates the equality of all members of the body. Her works possess the idea of utopia, reminding people of primitive rituals and the human nature recognized by all mankind.



Michelle Marcuse

ASFEA recommended artists, professional artists.


Important Solo Exhibition:

2020 Holding Absence, List Gallery, Swarthmore College

2019 SoftMachine Gallery, Allentown, PA

2019 MAC@Intuitive Art Space, Manayunk, PA

2019 GrizzlyGrizzly, Philadelphia, PA

2019  Fleisher Art Memorial Wind Challenge Exhibition, Philadelphia, PA

2013 Carrying the Dreamer, LGTripp, Philadelphia, PA

Group Exhibition:

2018 Against Gravity: TECTONICS - Imagined Spaces:  Doral Contemporary Art Museum, Doral, FL

2018  Woodmere Annual 77th Jury Exhibition, Philadelphia, PA

2017 Things Fall Apart, Science History Institute, Philadelphia, PA

2016 BLAM Projects, Brooklyn, NY

2015  The Woodmere Art Museum 74th Juried exhibition, Philadelphia, PA

2014 Flight Plan: Drawings on Paper and Leaf: Henry Bermudez, Michelle Marcuse, Denise Bibro Fine Art, NY



2020 CFEVA Fellowship, CFEVA, Philadelphia, PA

2018 Hugh & Marian Scott Prize, Woodmere Art Museum, Philadelphia, PA

2012 Full Scholarship to Vermont Studio Center Residency


The Unnamed Afterlife, 28 x 54 x 23 cm, Mixed media and cardboard

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021


Slippage 2020, 28 x 54 x 23 cm, Mixed media and cardboard

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021

On the instability of the materials and difficulty of the structure, the artist uses this fragmented architectural form to explore propositions about loss and revival.


Through the two different methods of "assembly" and "disintegration", we look for unexpected possibilities, and use this to depict a seemingly contradictory vitality in the structure of “destroyed" or "disappeared". This is how the artist finds continuity, growth and fluidity in the impermanence.


Agnès Rancier Picard《Life Blossom1》《Life Blossom4》

Yang  JiHong《Mutuality》



Agnès Rancier Picard

ASFEA recommended artists, International french plastician artist and photographer. Her works have been exhibited in galleries of France Paris, Poland and Spain. The Winner of the Prize «Paris Arty Show» in the famous Just Jaeckin Gallery in Saint Germain des Prés in Paris France in 2019. 


《Life Blossom 1》, 30x30cm, Acrylic

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021


《Life Blossom 4》, 30x30cm, Acrylic

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021




Chinese contemporary artists. Outstanding performances in painting, fashion, fiction, video and graphic design. Earned a bachelor degree of Art and Design in CAFA; got a master degree from Beijing Film Academy.

Taught in Renmin University of China and Beijing Film Academy. Joined Mandarin Zikoo (Beijing) as Art Director (brand marketing and advertising) in 2017. From 2004 to 2013, she was an art critic of a well-known Korean magazine. Now living in Beijing and Korea. Member of IWAF and participated international exhibitions during 2012 to 2019.


《Mutuality》, 45 x 60 cm, Acrylic on canvas, 2020

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021

In Yang’s view, everything exists in a balance subtly. "Shanshui" reflects the philosophical significance of the aesthetic realm in Chinese culture. Humans and animals are part of nature. They need more communication, love and faith to confront this new era. This is also a better way to achieve a “mutuality” in nature.


Zhu Wenyu《The Doubt of Prophet》

Xiuyi Buchalet《La Lune1》《La Lune2》

Shi Ming《Moaning in Fragrance》《Seeing through in Dance》《Scattered Flowers》




Vice President of ASFEA, member of French Artists Society and PhD of French Art History.



2021 Contemporary Art Fair "Art Shopping" in Carrousel du Louvre

2021 Art Capital, Paris Grand Palais

2020 Deer in the forest, The 3rd Suzhou Taihu Public Art Festival

2020 Poetic World, Galerie Etiennede Causans

2020 The 1st French Exhibition of Chinese Artists

2019 From Xi'an to Paris Art Exhibition,Paris 20th District Government


Important Exhibition:

2020 Salon International D’art contemporain Expo, C.I.D Deauville

2020 "Time Traval" Solo Biennale,Paris

2020 "Our World",AAE - Expressionism Academy

2020 Contemporary Art Fair "Art Shopping", Carrousel du Louvre

2020 "Art Capital", Paris Grand Palais

2019 "Arty-show" , Galerie jJust Jeackin

2019 "L’aile Tournoyante du Vent", Suzhou Art Academy Taihu Public Art Centre

2019 "Nature",Galerie 1618, Paris

2017 Contemporary Art Exhibition, MAG-Mediolanum Art Gallery, Padova

2017 "TROPOSPHERE", Saint Denis

2016 "The Night of the Museum, LAAC – Contempory Art and Action Museum


The Doubt of Prophet,116 x 81cm,Mixed Media, 2016

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021

“The Doubt of Prophet explores the origin and destiny of mankind, and the scroll in the prophets hand seems to have the answer. The work is inspired by Michelangelo’s "Delphic Sibyl" and William Wordsworth's Ode, “Intimations of Immortality. When interpreting our feelings in a poem, what we see is something beyond you strong and straightforward feelings.

Therefore, what the artist wants to express is not the present or apparent sense of pleasure, but the eternal rift between hope and disappointment, and the cherished and abandoned. At the same time to deliver  momentary pleasure and pain, love and beloved, innocence and beauty.




ASFEA recommended artists. Graduated from Shanghai Art Academy. Moved to France in 1993.


La Lune 1, 70 x 100 cm, Oil on canvas

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021


La Lune 2, 80 x 100 cm, Oil on canvas

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021




Born in Jingzhou City, Hubei Province in 1958. Graduated from Craft Department Hubei Art Academy in 1985.


Important Exhibition:

2020 Shenzhen Fine Art Institution Art Gallery, Shenzhen 

2019 Shenzhen Fine Art Institution Art Gallery, Shenzhen 

2018 Guan Shanyue Art Museum

2018 Shenzhen Fine Art Institution Art Gallery, Shenzhen

2017 Rongbaozai, Hongkong

2010 China National Museum, Beijing


Moaning in Fragrance, 95x95cm, Ink on paper, 2020

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021


Seeing through in Dance, 95x95cm, Ink on paper, 2019

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021


Scattered Flowers, 95x95cm, Ink on paper, 2020 

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021

In the thought formed by a woman's love, flowers are flying butterflies, butterflies are flying flowers. Flowers admire butterflies, butterflies admire flowers, real but virtual. That is the beauty of women and the desire for happiness. Holy and eternal.

Section 4 LABEL

LI HONG 《Vase II》 《Status II》《Status I》

Vivian Asapch《Untitled》




Born in Beijing in 1965. Professional artist. Studied in oil painting training class of CAFA in 1993; oil painting technique class of CAFA in1994; oil painting advanced study class of CAFA in 1995.



1998 awarded Century Woman Art Exhibition Woman Artists Society Award

1998 awarded Century Woman Art Exhibition Art Critics Award


Importent Exhibition:

2008 《Romantic Era——Li Hong Artworks Exhibition》

1995 《95 Women Art Exhibition》


Vase II, 100 x 80cm, Oil on canvas, 2009

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021

The hollow beauty is given a neurotic hair style, stiff facial muscles, and aloof facial expressions. However, her abdomen which does not conform to the male aesthetics is a genitals-alike blooming orchid, again emphasizing the embarrassment of gender identity, which is derived from the materialisation of the female body as a doll in male’s consumption.

Li uses the “vase” as a metaphor of a hollow beauty, which is hidden in a certain cultural critique. It challenge the established aesthetic stereotypes of the male world. The work seems to be a provocateur of the "vase” culture.


Status II, 146×114cm, Oil on canvas, 2009

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021


Status I, 146×114cm, Oil on canvas, 2009

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021



Vivian Asapch

Studied in Paris School of Fine Arts specializing in Monumental Art in the technique of fresco, directed by Professor Delamarche. Obtained a bachelor’s degree in Plastic Arts from the University of "La Sorbonne" in Paris and a master’s degree. Studied storyboard and animation drawing at the school of Visual Arts Glbelins and obtained a diploma with honorable mention.

Important Exhibition:

2020 “White Collar”, Montparnasse Art Gallery, Paris

2019 《Homage to Paolini》, Romulo Gallegos Museum, Caracas

2018 “Vivian Asapche, L’oeuvre”, Centre Pierre Cochereau, St Mande, France. Exhibition presented by Professor Gabriel Saad

2017 《Petite Venice》, Galerie Jardin, Paris

2016 《Dialogue》, Centre Cultural Sceaux, France


Untitled, 100 x100cm, Mixed media

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021


Zhang Liling《Ethereal Hair》《Dreaming》

Zhang Peng《Good Times》《Kiss of Ocean》

Zhao Heng《Unstoppable》《Kiss of Milan》

Maryline Bourdin 《Heaven》




Graduated from Oil Painting Department China Academy of Art. Currently a high school teacher and editor of a well-known media and art magazine.


Participated exhibitions from China, Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Mongolia, Taiwan and Japan. Works have been published on "Knife Flags" and other international women art magazines.


Ethereal Hair, 50 x 60 cm, Oil on canvas, 2018

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021


Dreaming, 50 x 60 cm, Oil on canvas, 2018

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021

Zhang is great at capturing the moments in people's everyday lives. The communication  between mother and childhood and the harmony between humans and animals both fascinated her.




Graduated from Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University. Student of Artist Wu Guanzhong. Currently an artists and an editor.

Her works has been awarded the 6th National Art Exhibition Excellent Illustration, and selected to participate the 10th National Art Exhibition, National Exhibition of Landscape Paintings and National Exhibition of Great Wall Paintings, and collected by Jiangsu Province Art Museum and Liberal Art Museum.


Good Times, 120 x 120cm, Oil Painting

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021


Kiss of Ocean, 60 x 60cm, Oil painting

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021

“Good Times” depicts the life blooming scene of soil, river, white houses surrounded by vital trees and beautiful flowers.

In “Kiss of Ocean”, the waves constantly crash the rocks, with a rumbling sound in a strong rhythm, highlighting the energy of life.




Artist and writer. Studied drawing in Leipzig Germany. Graduated from a well-known art school in Beijing.

From 199 to 1997, Zhao studied drawing in Paris and held many exhibition; from 2002 to 2019, she joined women art exhibition held by INWAC. From 2019 to now, she is the Chinese region representative of IWAF.

Her work has been collected by National Art Museum of China. She published several Works Collection and obtained awards of art and literature.


Unstoppable, 20 x 14.5cm, Crayon and oil pastels, 2020

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021


Kiss of Milan, 17.5 x 12.5cm, Ink, crayon and oil pastels, 2020

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021

"Kiss if Milan" and "Rain o Shine" were painted during the pandemic. "Kiss of Milan" came from a press photo and it touched Zhao when it made her thought of her friends from different regions.  "I believe that with unstoppable love and resilience, we will eventually conquer the pandemic."

"Rain or Shine" originated from the artists being stuck in Nanjing due to the pandemic. Many areas were flooded by heavy rains. The artist was moved by the local residents' courage to face the storm and continue to live, so she created this work.



Maryline Bourdin

ASFEA recommended artist. Born in Versailles in 1976. She began drawing with her father from very young age. Thus she has great performance in music, paintings and sculptures. 

Around the age of 20, she invests the objective drawing, in search of a know-how. Scenes of life, thoughts, ideas, painting is at its beginnings an outlet. She then discovers a potential where figuration and introspection are combined-objectivity versus interiority. Her works are special vision of reality revisited by the soul.


Heaven, 100 x 80 cm, Acrylic on canvas

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021

This work is a poetic expression of the sights in front of you and in the distance. In the picture, there seems to be a mysterious hand playing a powerful movement. The gloomy yet colorful smoke dissipates everywhere, adding mist and splendid effects to the space. The little bird has a golden amulet. Clear and fuzzy images appear in the picture, as if the world blends with heaven.

-The End-


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