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HER POWER Global Female Contemporary Art Online Exhibition 2021

"The early stage of the event has been actively participated and supported by international female artists and art institutions, especially by many experts and scholars, as well as our guest curators, Dr. Han Qi, Dr. Rochelle Yang, Dr. Huang Mei, to which a series of guidance work was given. As well as thanks to Tao Weibai, Jia Fangzhou, Tong Yujie and other art and academic consultants for their strong support and guidance to the exhibition."

Cissy Cheung


Dr. Cissy Cheung
Founder and Chief-curator

Ms. Cissy Cheung Chu Yu was born in Fuzhou. She works in the field of branding and marketing for over 20 years. In recent 5 years, she focuses on art and culture development and has become curator of cultural and branding events. Between 2008 and 2009, she enrolled in diploma courses named “Contemporary Art Research and Planning Studies” and “Investment on Cultural and Art Industry & Senior Management Studies”. And finally obtained PhD of Art Administration in 2012.


Cheung received the oil-painting apprenticeship from color master Lin Minggang since 2009. She is equipped with a deep level of comprehension on the norm of chrominance and expression.


Cissy Cheung is the President of Art of Nature International Company Limited, General Committee Member of International Women Artists Council, President of International Women Artists Associates (Hong Kong), Honorary Dean of the Confucius Academy, Chairman of China Hong Kong Economic Trading Int’l Association-Creative, Member of The Association of Chinese Culture of Hong Kong, and Standing Committee Member of Macao Creative Industry Association.


Between 2008 and 2011, Cheung concentrates on curatorial tasks and has organized numerous contemporary art exhibitions in China and overseas, such as “Haixi Affection,” “Reconnection with Hong Kong” and “Artists’ Hub:  Contemporary Art Exhibition.” In year 2011 and 2012, Art of Nature Contemporary Gallery was established respectively in Fuzhou, China and Hong Kong.

Cissy Cheung Intro


Cissy Cheung
Founder and Chief-curator


"Her Power" Online Exhibition as "Life.Blossom" Exhibition - "Her Power" companion volume, began on International Women's Day 2021.


As the event originated in Kwangju Art Biennial in 2018, along with a motion by the President's Conference of the International Federation of Women's Arts, the event was then confirmed to be held in Hong Kong in 2021, during the International Women's Arts Federation Exhibition in Moscow in 2019.


Over the past few decades, women's art and female artists have risen, increasingly in academia, in the marketplace, making their voices heard and blooming- but not enough, yet her creativity clearly isn't silent, if not more powerful than men. Therefore, we want to build a platform for women around the world to shine; for professionalism, academic business, social responsibility and influential women's arts.


During the preparatory period, the world experienced an unprecedented "pulmonary disease". Our planning thus fell into a state of stagnancy; our plans cannot land, but our pace is still, out thinking non-stop.


In such a special historical period, long and difficult days have not been in time. Human accidents trigger our deep reflections on life: how can women cultivate strength in the limited length of life and increase the thickness and breadth of life? This was also a significant thought considered in the launching of the exhibition.


In the process of collection, we see the rich and tenacious "Her Power" conveyed by women's art. They bloom life and positive meaning in different countries and regions. They all have these things in common: they read for their own life, think for society, create portraits for the times, and hope to leave a mark on history.


The early stage of the event has been actively participated and supported by international female artists and art institutions, especially by many experts and scholars, as well as our guest curators, Dr. Han Qi, Dr. Rochelle Yang, Dr. Huang Mei, to which a series of guidance work was given. As well as thanks to Tao Weibai, Jia Fangzhou, Tong Yujie and other art and academic consultants for their strong support and guidance to the exhibition.


We believe when a person maintains an unfailing passion and enthusiasm for art, then she has given her life the meaning and value of youth. The energy yielded by the heart that burns for art is "her power" unmatched by anything else. 

Cissy Preface

Miss Yick Hang
Vice-president of HKIFARS

Yick Hang (Anne Tsui), born in Shanghai, graduated from Suzhou Art & Design Technology Institute in 1962, majored in Chinese painting, was a student of Wu Yang Mu, Fu Bao Shi, Chan Da Yu and Ya Ming. Specialized in embroidering, brocading and dyeing after graduating. A columnist for several magazines and newspapers.


Participated in Seoul International Art Festival (International Artists Group Exhibition), international art and ink exhibition from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, South-East Asia, Korea, Russia and Europe, such as Ink Asia, Grand Palace World Exhibition in Paris (2020), “Shui Mo Hong Kong” Chinese Ink Painting Institute 4th Member Painting Exhibition (2021). Held solo exhibitions in Sydney, Melbourne and Yan Gallery in Hong Kong. Her artworks participated in Christie’s’ auction and were collected by a range of institutions and private collectors.


Currently Director of Chinese Ink Painting Institute of Hong Kong, Vice Chairman of Hong Kong Culture and Art Exchange Association, Vice Chairman of Hong Kong Art of Nature International Feminist Art Research Society, a member of The Hong Kong Artists Association and Hong Kong Culture Association, and a columnist for Master Insight.

Yick Hang intro

Yick Hang
Vice-president of HKIFARS



Art is irrespective of gender, skin color, and nobility! What's more, women in contemporary society are no longer vassals and accessories of males!


Women possess characteristics like tolerance, endurance, the energy of nurturing, and the courage to self-breakthrough. They have delicate senses, pure and extraordinary feelings, accompanied by obsessive persistence, that allow them never to stop pursuing the essence of beauty.


Female artists in Hong Kong are located in a fashionable cosmopolitan city but also have the heritage of oriental civilization, which they integrate and intersect in this ever-changing city.


I Ching (易經) : "The state of being opened and closed is called Change. The infinitely change of Yin and Yang is called Guantong (both ends have been completely joined up)." The opportunities brought by the changing environment and the pleasant life produce a broad "aesthetic sense" to express the imagery and conception. An image should not only stop at presentation but also extend the infinite charm of our emotion.


Experiments with different media and materials have produced unexpected possibilities. Colors and ink present the rendering of the dream of our soul. The endless themes are the sustenance of will, yearning, and ideals.


The works exhibited online this time by Art of Nature and its women artists are ingenious and diverse in style. They may be subtle, bright, ancient, relaxing or excitable. All we can see are different aspects of beauty.


Each female artist with their innate talent starts with love and finds her own way. Their passion and the collision of eastern and western art finally converge in Art of Nature and ignite the sparks. This group of female artists has demonstrated their aesthetic sense, calm and detached spiritual energy, and condensed an unstoppable force!

Yick Hang Forward

Han Qi
Guest Curator

Independent artist, curator, and director. Held several exhibitions in Beijing, Hong Kong, etc.

Curatorial Experiences:

“Yuan”, 2009, Yuandian Art Gallery, Beijing

“Starting from Manet”, 2010, Manet Art Museum, Beijing

“Listening to the sound of the Spring flowers blooming”, 2010, Adelaide Art Museum, Beijing

“Yange Han Solo Exhibition”, 2014, Aimer Art Gallery, Beijing

“The warmth of frost” 2014, Enjoy Museum of Art, Beijing

“Go its own way”, 2015, Enjoy Museum of Art, Beijing

“Luffa” 2015, Enjoy Museum of Art, Beijing

“Flowery”, 2015, The One Club, Beijing

“Somewhere Within the Distance”, Art of Nature Int’l, Hong Kong

Curated Exhibitions

Han Qi Intro
Han Qi Forword


Han Qi
Guest Curator

In terms of living the meaning of life to its fullest, women lack support. This lack of support is arguably rooted in their female identity.


This is the conclusion of Martha C. Nussbaum's research decades ago. Unfortunately, this conclusion is still not outdated after decades.


In the reality of a society dominated by men, from a gender perspective, women lose innately.


Many women were born, taught to become auxiliary tools and accessories. They were viewed as assistants, tools or belongings there to satisfy men's goals: fertility, house works, taking care of the life of the whole family, sexual partners, etc.


Consequently, women were born faced with a lifelong proposition of self-change. 


Some women confidently hold an answer to this, and some choose to give up. Those who have chosen to give up may not be living for their own purpose their whole life, but living as someone else's auxiliary tool. They could live as fully charged mobile phones, but they decided to become the charger themselves. Ultimately, this is conducive to the stability of the patriarchal society and the maximization of male comfort and rights.


I must make a supplement- that trapped women and their female identity, is not all thanks to men. Many women participate in it or unconsciously give in and abstain, intensifying and further strengthening the barriers to the female identity. At the same time, turning a blind eye to women's limitations is to condone and adds fuel to the flames.


Against the backdrop of thousands of years of patriarchal society, women and men collaboratively nourished many men-oriented "excellent female qualities", made for the male's comfort and pleasure. These qualities basically translate "gentlemen first" and become a strong habit with hereditary nature.


That, I have seen a lot in my workplace.


Group exhibits and guest curators consist of male and female, and everyone agrees on one point that the most important exhibition wall, of course, should be occupied by a male artist.


In a group exhibition seminar, if there are not enough seats in the first row, female artists naturally find themselves sitting on the second or more corner spots.


However, in the creative realm, one truth is neglected by everyone. "Feeling" is the most important and scarce medium, and women yet possess and express the most wonderful feelings.


Therefore, in the creative realm, I will shout out to all women: Don't give in and abstain, create continuously!


If you can bloom, bloom vigorously; if you can shed light, shine now. Don't delay.


Dr. Rochelle Yang
Guest Curator

Engage in both visual art, photography, performing arts, new media and film. Honorary Doctorate of Arts of CISAC France, Director of Art Map/Art Plus News, Member of International Dance Council-UNESCO, Assessor of Hong Kong Arts Development Council and Director of Asia Pacific Dance Association.


Yang's works have been exhibited in countries all over the world, including Nord Art in Germany, Shenzhen International Biennale, Asian Modern Art Exhibition, etc. The latest animation film was selected for the 2021 Microwave International New Media Art Festival.


Important Exhibitions:

2021 Microwave International New Media Arts Festival

2019 Asia Contemporary Art Show, Conrad Hotel, Hong Kong

2019 Hong Kong City Fair, Shangri-La Hotel, Hong Kong

2019 Nomad Spirit: Media Art Exhibition. Sea World Culture Center Shenzhen (V&A Museum) 

2018 Art Taipei Festival, Taiwan

2017 The Biennale of Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shenzhen

2016 Photography Exhibition, Nord Art International Exhibition, Germany.          

2015 The Fantasy of Light: Fine Art Photography Exhibition, K11 Art Space

2013 Street Sensation Art Exhibition, The Alternative Museum, New York

Curated Exhibitions

Rochelle Yang Intro


Rochelle Yang
Guest Curator


In ancient Greek mythology, the infamous goddess Venus symbolizes love and beauty, which embodies women’s power; graceful and elegant, both rigid and soft.


“Her Power” Women's Art Group Exhibition, is the collective bloom of inner strength and female creativity. Curator Dr. Zhu Yu named the meticulously curated exhibition “Her Power”, which has far-reaching significance.


Delving into the history of art, pioneers or representatives of the founding of art schools were mostly male-dominated, female artists were few and far between. This is not because women lack performance in art, but the fact that many women are still succumbing to traditional social views, creating silently in the male-dominated art world, or entering domesticity.


The changes of the era have given contemporary women more creative space and resources. The talent and creativity of female artists have also begun to sprout and have made a splash in the art world.


In "The Birth of Venus", Sandro Botticelli uses a soft contour line to depict the birth of the beautiful goddess. It also reflects the philosophical trend of neo-Platonism that was popular in Florence at that time: beauty cannot be gradually perfected or produced from non-beauty. Beauty can only be self-fulfilled. Beauty is incomparable and immortal. It is an eternity that never lives.


The exhibition hosted by Tianqu aims to unveil the unique beauty of female artists from their hearts and selves; and through their works, deepen people’s understanding of women’s creativity and inner strength. They are tough, brave, and delicate. Sensitive, eager to share, harmonious and helpful, but more so, blooming by the power of love.

Rochelle Yang Forword

Dr. Huang Mei
Guest Curator

Independent curator and president of FIAKE. Currently managing the space mmae720 in Berlin.

She graduated from Peking University with a bachelor's degree, and studied with the master of aesthetics Mr. Li Zehou, and a doctorate in art education from Frankfurt University, Germany.

The exhibitions curated by her are in famous venues around the world, such as the National Art Museum of China, Shanghai Oil Painting and Sculpture Institute, Today Art Museum, Helmhaus Art Museum in Zurich, Switzerland, Lucerne Art Museum, Prague International Exhibition Center, and former German Chancellor Willie Brandt in Berlin. The Foundation HaL Art Museum was held.

Author of the autobiographical literature "Love To Death". The German, English, French, Russian, and Greek parts of the book have attracted attention in the cultural circles of relevant countries. In 2020, the English version of the book will be published by Heartspace Press, Australia. , The French version is currently being prepared for publication by the French publishing house.

Curated Exhibitions

Huang Mei Intro


Huang Mei
Guest Curator

The important feature of art is to go beyond the repetition of daily life. Without innovation and breakthrough, art would cease to exist. This is a general consensus.


Starting from this consensus, in the 19th century, the emergence of the camera gave birth to a new art form-it reproduced nature and reproduced characters more accurately than brushstrokes, so photography was born as a new type of art, and then film and video art appeared. Also came into being.


In the 20th century, conceptual art was born, and installation art, performance art, and multimedia art were initially strong. Although it has been time for all new art forms such as photography, video, installation, performance, and multimedia to be accepted in the West, people are now turning back. Looking at it, their development and acceptance completely conform to the essence of art, that is, innovation and breakthrough.


In this sense, contemporary Western artists include female artists, and more and more of them are willing to use new media to express themselves.


On the contrary, painting as a traditional medium is relatively less attractive. It's just that in the West, history is moving forward, and the important function and characteristic of large-scale document exhibitions and biennales is to bring forth the new. Painting already has a long history, so there is no need to occupy too much space for such large-scale exhibitions up.


But this does not mean that painting is "dead" in the West, or that it is so weak that it is about to die. Painting still exists in the West, and painting exhibitions and collections also exist in the West.


In the European series of "Her Power" Art of Nature Global Women's Contemporary Art Online Exhibition, we will end each article with a painting by a female artist. The paintings by these female artists will make you fresh and refreshing. The amazing works show that the painting is still very active, without death, once again separating the distance between the works and theories.


Through their unique brushstrokes, techniques, and materials, they create completely different expressions of personality, which are deeply touched and inspired. They highlight the other side of contemporary art.


Contemporary art uses huge funds for grand exhibitions, which makes people's eyes hot, desires swelling, and souls guilty. However, most female artists are still economically disadvantaged. This combination of economic weakness and honesty of heart is reflected in their works, allowing viewers to be inspired, inspired, and reflective by art, but also need to work hard to support these female artists with a warm heart.


Last, thanks to Miss Adela Holmes and Dr. Max Harms for their contribution to this project.

Huang Mei Forword

Guo Zhen
Guest Curator

Artist and independent curator. Graduated from the Chinese Painting Department of the China Academy of Art in 1982 and stayed on to teach in the Chinese Painting Department. In 1986, She went to the San Francisco Art Institute to study. In 1987, she went to the York University College of Art as a visiting scholar. In 1988, she set up Zhen Guo's studio in New York. She is one of the earliest explorers of ink art after the reform and opening, and one of the pioneers of Asian American contemporary ink art. She has been committed to the research and exploration of international contemporary art for a long time. International auction companies such as Sotheby's have promoted their works many times.


2021 "Exorcise Evil, Existence-Guo Zhen and Qiu Ping Double Solo Exhibition", Inselgalerie Gallery, Berlin, Berlin, Germany

2020 "Very Strong-Guo Zhen Natsuki Takauchi Double Solo Exhibition", PeepShow Space Gallery, New York, USA

2020 "Her Ink Painting", Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

2019 "Identity Crisis", Royal Gallery, New York, USA

2019 "US-China Academy Art Summit", Pennsylvania State University Park Campus, Pennsylvania, USA

Curated Exhibitions

Guo Zhen Intro
Gu Zhen Forword


Guo Zhen
Guest Curator


In the history of Chinese painting art, the works of only a few female artists have been recorded, and the status and significance of women in the history of painting has not been recognized. 


During the 1920’s and 30’s, several women created a forefront of female art, but they received no academic notice or records. 


After the reform and opening up, women have increasingly chosen art as their career. Indeed, there are more women than men in art colleges, but few women are on the art honor roll in society.


Is it that there has never been an important female artist in history, or is it society's concealing the female consciousness?  Is it the outdated feudal consciousness that denigrate the wisdom of women?  Or is it the art world deaf to women's self-awareness?  In this field where men dominate, when will there be equal status for female artists?


This is a problem that academia needs to face squarely. 


The presence of American female artists in the "Her Power" online female contemporary art exhibition organized by Tianqu Art helps address this.


In the post-epidemic era of 2021, the global launch of "Her Power" is undoubtedly the most timely and appropriate event  thanks to the unremitting efforts of Dr. Zhuyu Zhang and her colleagues from international curatorial teams.  The participating female artists have great artistic enthusiasm and fine sensitivity to these issues. The artworks displayed are full of wisdom and display wonderful artistic skills. They once again prove that art created by women are tactful, profound and pleasing to the eye in art, while their individuality has its own special worth.


Art makes no distinction between men and women — it is social prejudice that kills one party.  The rise of women will inevitably be reflected in art, so it is crucial to observe and study the influence and position of women in contemporary art.


Sandra Angliss
Joint Curator

Artist and art teacher, living and working in regional Victoria, Australia. Obtained Bachelor of Arts (Painting and Printmaking) from RMIT, Melbourne in 1988, Bachelor of Education (Visual Arts Education) from Melbourne University in 1991, and Bachelor of Teaching from Deakin University in 2001.

Currently Honorary Secretary of IWAF, was Honorary Secretary of IWAC from 1999 to 2017, and Artist In Residence, Conservatory Fine Arts (Penang, Malaysia), in 1996.

Important Exhibitions:

2019 11th Thailand-Malaysia International Women Artists Exhibition, Penang, Malaysia 

2019 International Women Artists Exhibition, Yangon, Myanmar

2019 Inaugural IWAF International Women Artists Exhibition “Motherhood – Hope of the World”  Moscow, Russia

2018 International Women's Arts Festival, Memory and History, Gwangju, South Korea

2018 Paint Glenlyon.  Glenlyon, Victoria.

2015 Infinite Love, 1st Hong Kong International Female Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hong Kong 

1998-2016 'Her Presence in Colours International Women Artists Exhibitions’, Malaysia, Thailand, England, Australia, Korea, China, USA, Vietnam, Mongolia, Taiwan   

1997  ‘Cancer – the Journey’, Vic Health Access Gallery, National Gallery of Victoria Awards


2018 Inaugural Dee Waterhouse Award, First Prize, 'Paint Glenlyon 2018'

Curated Exhibitions

Sandra Angliss Intro
Sandra Angliss Forword


Sandra Angliss
Joint Curator

IWAF was formed in 2018 in Gwangju, Korea, where we held our first committee meeting and made plans for the future. 

IWAF has representatives in twenty-three countries and approximately 120 individual artists. Countries representative in IWAF are; Australia, China, China – Hong Kong, China – Macau, Finland, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Korea (Daegu and Gwangju), Malaysia, Mauritius, Mongolia, Norway, Singapore, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UK, USA and Vietnam. 

IWAF grew out of INWAC – the International Women Artists Council, which was successfully active for over two decades, from the early 1990s until the sad and untimely passing of INWAC's President and founder, Dr. Yuen Chee Ling, in 2015.

Maria Esmont, IWAF Russia – Representative, proposed an IWAF International Women Artists Exhibition, to be held in Moscow in 2018. This exhibition was moved to May 2019 and was given the theme “Motherhood....hope of the future”. On behalf of all members of IWAF, we thank Maria Esmont and her team for organizing the Moscow exhibition, art conference, international children's exhibition, and wonderful tour of Moscow and her surrounding regional country towns, art galleries, and historic churches and other buildings. About 98 international artists, their friends and family enjoyed exploring Russia in the glorious Spring weather.

In Moscow, Dr. Cissy Cheung – Representative IWAF Hong Kong, proposed for the next IWAF International Women Artist Exhibition to be held in Hong Kong in 2021.

At that time no one could have foreseen the unfolding events that the COVID19 pandemic would unleash on the world. So many people have lost their lives, this has been a truly devastating time for all of humanity.
Dr. Cissy Cheung proposed the option for an 'online exhibition', as, at the time of writing, international travel is still not recommended. The worldwide vaccine champagne has only just begun. Dr. Cissy Cheung and her team have worked tirelessly to create this IWAF online exhibition, with the over-arching theme of 'Her Power' and the sub-theme 'Life Blossom'.

Though we have all been devastated by the COVID19 pandemic, as humans we strive to find and hang onto hope - we all hope that life will blossom again after COVID19. These thoughts were with us all, as we worked on our artworks, in isolation in our studios, contemplating the pandemic and its effects on our family, friends, and all of humanity. It is impossible not to link this exhibition to our collective experiences with the pandemic. It has been like a heavy blanket, that has covered and touch us all.

I thank every artist for staying positive during these difficult years and making an original artwork to share.
On behalf of all members of IWAF, we warmly thank Dr. Cissy Cheung for making IWAF – Hong Kong “Life Blossom” online exhibition a successful reality. I thank all people who have supported Dr. Cissy Cheung and her team at her art gallery, The Art of Nature, and IWAF – Hong Kong. Thank you to all sponsors who have assisted this exhibition.

Chu Wenyu Intro

Zhu Wenyu
Joint Curator

Vice President of Sino-French Art Exchange Association (ASFEA), member of French Artists Society and PhD of French Art History.



2021 Contemporary Art Fair "Art Shopping" in Carrousel du Louvre

2021 Art Capital, Paris Grand Palais

2020 Deer in the forest, The 3rd Suzhou Taihu Public Art Festival

2020 Poetic World, Galerie Etiennede Causans

2020 The 1st French Exhibition of Chinese Artists

2019 From Xi'an to Paris Art Exhibition,Paris 20th District Government


Important Exhibition:

2020 Salon International D’art contemporain Expo, C.I.D Deauville

2020 "Time Traval" Solo Biennale,Paris

2020 "Our World",AAE - Expressionism Academy

2020 Contemporary Art Fair "Art Shopping", Carrousel du Louvre

2020 "Art Capital", Paris Grand Palais

2019 "Arty-show" , Galerie jJust Jeackin

2019 "L’aile Tournoyante du Vent", Suzhou Art Academy Taihu Public Art Centre

2019 "Nature",Galerie 1618, Paris

2017 Contemporary Art Exhibition, MAG-Mediolanum Art Gallery, Padova

2017 "TROPOSPHERE", Saint Denis

2016 "The Night of the Museum, LAAC – Contempory Art and Action Museum

Curated Exhibitions

Chue Wenyu Forword


Chu WenYu
Joint Curator


First of all, I would like to thank the host and chief curator of the Her Power Online Exhibition, Ms. Cissy Cheung, for inviting me to the exhibition "Life · Blossoms - The 3rd Infinite Love Female Contemporary Art Exhibition HK 2021".

Feminist art is art associated with the feminist movement of the late 1960s and 1970s. Focusing on the social and political differences in women's lives, feminist art hopes to bring a positive understanding of change to the world, directed towards the goal of equality and liberation. Feminist artists tend to create with the aim and expectation of conveying a dialogue from the observation of the work to the art itself. 

Historically, most women have been unable to devote time to creating artwork due to their role as caregivers. The disadvantageous position of female artists is therefore evident and has still not improved, even in today's society.

However, as a result of the development of feminist thinking in the Age of Enlightenment and the changes in the field of painting since the 19th century, the transformation of the female figure and the awakening of consciousness can largely be described as a demonstration of the social trends of the time in the field of art.

Women artists were also constantly self-searching, reflecting and practicing.  By the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries, a more radical appeal for women's consciousness emerged in the field of painting, with women themselves starting an era of fierce resistance and emancipation.

In the exhibition "Her Power", Sino-french Art Exchange Association has selected women artists who create different forms of art, presenting the creative state of French women artists and their reflections on the epidemic, and exploring the role played by women artists in their creative conceptions and struggles. Hoping that this exhibition will create a dialogue and a meeting of minds with women artists from all over the world!

Yoon Sook Fong Intro

Yoon Sook Fong
Joint Curator

Born in Georgetown, Penang, 1971. Completed Graphic Design diploma in Malaysia Institute of Arts; Studio Art in Conservatory of Fine Arts in Malaysia. Chairperson of Malaysia Woman Artists Association, secretary of International Women Artists Council, member of Cao Tang Men Eastern Art Society, member of Asia Artists Association Malaysia, member of Malaysia Institute of Arts Alumni. 

Participated in local and international group exhibitions in Malaysia, China, Australia, Korea, Vietnam, Mongolia.


2021 <The 3rd Impression Contemporary Art Exhibition Of Malaysia-Traditional Yet Modernity>

2020 <The 20th Hands Across the Pacific Art Exhibition>

2020 <Praising.Embracing beauty of nature by Malaysia. China>

2019 <Malaysia Chinese Ink Brush Painting Exhibition>, KLSCAH

2018 <HPiC XIII Shanghai International Exhibition>, Shanghai Yinuo Art Gallery

2018 <The 9th Asian International Art Exhibition for 2018>, Qingdoa, China 

Curated Exhibitions

Yoon Soo Fog Forword


Yoon Sook Fong
Joint Curator

I am honored to be invited by the chief-curator, Dr. Cissy Cheung to be a joint-curator. I have been given the opportunity to curate the Issue 16 in Malaysia-the "Her Power" online exhibition.


Su Shi’s say “Home is where the heart is”.(Su Shi was a Chinese poet, writer, politician, calligrapher, painter, pharmacologist, and gastronome of the Song dynasty.)


Falling leaves return nutrients to the roots, trees then bloom and finally they bear fruits". Concept of theidentity of overseas Chinese is constantly changing with the development of times. Early Chinese artists developed from "diasporic thinking" to "remote land colours" art, and finally, they moved towards establishing local art as their artistic goal.


"Nanyang Art" and "Nanyang Painting" are based on the two major art foundations of the Chinese and the West. They collided, stimulated by and fused with the diverse cultures to produce this art style which is termed as the "Nanyang Style ". Malaysia and Singapore became the birthplace of "Nanyang Style-Art" Artists from Malaysia, Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries use different techniques to depict the customs, culture and tropical moods of Southeast Asia. They blend both Chinese and Western cultures to reflect the era, the region and ethnicity, with artistic individuality in their themes. This "Form" of art is unique and extremely rare in other parts of the world.


In the past, how Malaysian women create a new world of their own in the male dominated art circle? How did they establish their own style? Who initiated the rise of women's art in Malaysia? In this regard, beyond any doubt, we bear witness to the great contributions made by the late Dr. Yuen Chee Ling . Dr. Yuen was the driving force behind the promotion and development of women's art in the Malaysian Art circle.


Dr. Yuen Chee Ling is a Malaysian Chinese female artist. Throughout her life, Dr Yuen relentlessly pursued her love of Art and made countless dedications in art. She vowed in promoting women's art. Her great focus, coupled with relentless efforts had resulted in the great development in women's art. She always adhered to originality in creative art. With an ingenious native spirit facing the wide world, her art aims to capture the native sentiments embraced in an international outlook.


In 1989, Dr Yuen Chee Ling founded the Conservatory of Arts in Penang, Malaysia, and served as the principal. In 1993, she initiated the "Her Presence in Colours" series of world female women international group exhibition. She founded and became the former president of the International Women Artists Council (INWAC) biannually, with the help of overseas women artists, she organized international exhibitions of INWAC in various countries. She was the pioneer to lead Malaysian women artists to participate in international exhibitions overseas, the process of which has cultivated many women artists with potential, who showcase the unique style of Malaysian Nanyang women art. "Her Presence in Colours": a series of exhibitions of international women artist group have been successively held in numerous exhibitions in China, Malaysia, Thailand, Britain, Australia, South Korea, the United States, Vietnam, China, Mongolia, Taiwan and other national art galleries.


Dr. Yuen Chee Ling passionately dwelt in her artistic creations, at the same time she eagerly promoted female art with great fervour. She hoped to provide women with an international platform to recreate love and peace and show to the world that the female world exudes of "truth, goodness and beauty”. The seeds sown by the "Nanyang Women's Art" in Malaysia slowly germinated…The "Flowers of Nanyang" grow and bloom and fully blossom over time. Each of the flower and leaf gleams in the myriads of colour in the tropical sunlight; the flower gradually takes its place in nature. The creative artistic efforts of Women artists slowly pick up momentum, each unique artistic language exudes of its own fragrance and elegance! 


Nanyang women, graceful and restrained, with their incomparable and unique beauty, continue to bloomin the art world!

Xu Huibo Intro

Xu Huibo
Joint Curator

Graduated from Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University in 1993. Currently the Director of Tsinghua University Academy of Arts & Design Alumni Association,  Shenzhen Tsinghua University Association Culture and Creativity Association, Vice-president of Shenzhen Women Artists Association, and a member of Shenzhen Artist Association.

Organized Shenzhen Women Artists Association 30th Anniversary Exhibition. Her artwork "Australian Cultural Landscape Wall" at Zhanjiang China-Australia Friendship Park has been listed in Chinese Design Yearbook.

Compiled and painted the book "African Pattern Collection" (published by Hunan Fine Arts Publisher). Participated in the research of "Art Psychology" by the research group of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and published papers for it.

Curated Exhibitions



Xu Huibo
Joint Curator

Shenzhen is a special city as it is located at the forefront of China's reform and opening up. Its art development and pursuit was affected by this geographical factor.


Different art forms from our country and abroad meet here, presenting an ever-changing artistic language. The art form here is flexible, changeable, and constantly evolving, which depends on our continuous exploration, constant practice and summarization. In this fast-developing city, while doing our job well, our love for art also supports the development of female art groups.


On the subject matter, the female painters are sensitive and delicate. Their creations focus on expressing the inner world of women, conveying their gentleness and passion. They also pay attention to people's livelihood and keep up with current events, reflecting the country's development and changes, the pace of social development, and the changes in the lives of ordinary people.


While in terms of emotional expression, the expression of the mind in women's works are indispensable. Some are light and romantic, some are full of fascination, some are deeply confided, and some are touching directly to the soul. There are contemporary and traditional expression art presentations created by them, such as Chinese painting, oil painting, printmaking, etc.


Twenty or thirty years ago, males were dominating domestic art academies. However, the proportion of females has increased significantly and many majors even have more female than male students. The number of female painters is constantly growing.


Nowadays, women have gradually bloomed with unique brilliance in their respective fields. Female painters continue to create their own colorful worlds with their unique perspectives and great techniques. Different backgrounds and experiences make them create works of extra charm at each stage of life.

Xu Huibo Forward

Joint Curator

Fashion designer, artist, columnist, the owner of Shun art gallery. Graduated from the master course of BUNKA fashion school, while undertaking Ph.D in Economics at Tokyo University in Japan. Once studied in ESMOD PARIS.

Now lives and works in Tokyo and Shanghai.

Solo Exhibitions

2018 Déjà vu, Yanbian University Academy of Finearts Museum, Yanji China

2014 Invisible Eye, Shanghai China

2013 Extreme Blue, Shanghai China

             Missing, Shanghai China

2008 Solo exhibition at Matsvyama Garden Museum in Japan.

             The double solo-exhibitions “Cute Personification” and “The Merged Love”, Zhu qizhan Museum, Shanghai China

             GEISAI MUSEUM 2, Tokyo Japan

2007 the gnosis about three city, Shanghai China 

              Green Men and Red Woman, Shanghai China

              Wild rose color sunglasses, Paris France 

2006 A chance meeting, Shanghai China 

             Life worry, Tokyo Japan

Group Exhibitions

2012 Sea of Peace, Incheon Korea

2011 Nature and modern form, Ming garden art center, Shanghai China

             The Codex of Unknown Energy – Artists from China, Japan& Korea, Shanghai China

2008 359°Three in One China-Japan Art Exchange in Two Cities, Shun Art Gallery in Shanghai and Museum of LuXun

             Art  Academy in Shenyang, China

             The 35th SEISU Exhibition 08 at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Japan


2008 MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) prize of Seisukai


Joint Curator


The coming online exhibition unites most of the Japanese female artists who have worked with us. Emi Uchida, Haruna Sato, Ouma, Mariko Hayashi, Ayaka Nakamura, Shino Hirata, Akane Fujita, Mari Saito, Akiko Mabuchi, Ichigo Yamamoto, Diant Saku, and Nana Monda will participate in the online exhibition "HER POWER · Japan".


The 12 artists are located all over Japan. Emi Uchida lives in Okayama, and has her own studio in Ushimado, where Bizen-yaki kilns are concentrated. Haruna Sato is in Gunma. Ouma, Ayaka Nakamura, Diant Saku are in Tokyo. Mariko Hayashi and Akane Fujita are in Chiba. Mari Saito and Akiko Mabuchi are in Kagawa. Nana Monda is in Kumamoto. Ichigo Yamamoto is in Ishikawa. The works, thoughts, living space and state of mind of the women artists from all over Japan are all points to be paid attention to in this online exhibition.


Emi Uchida, with her abstract lines, is a rising star of female abstract art after Kusama Yayoi. She graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design. The lines in her works emerge from the bottom of the soul, which are confiding, leaking and raging. All short, "I cannot be complicit with the world". The countless lines are black with charcoal, revealing the clarity of the artist.


Haruna Sato's oil paint knocks out layers of skin temperature and the innocence of a child on the wooden board. The puff of a child's sleeping face is serene and beautiful, regardless of skin color. Before the eve of darkness, the world is always pleasing.


Ayaka Nakamura's abstract works have been recently high-profile in Japan. The magnificent paintings are soft but also stubborn and rebellious. It is fiery like a volcanic eruption while it is sobriety like being in the iceberg and snow. Never afraid of the hardships in reality, we have to move forward bravely, and we are mostly self-comforting on the road.


OUMA was initially a veterinarian. After working as an artist, her works mainly focus on cells. Her installations and graphic works are like the sublimation of the moment of life, directly emphasizing the concept of life and death.

Mariko Hayashi's art focuses on dimension and space, which is atmospheric, ethereal, and decisive. The larger the scale of the work, the more comfortable, free and open-minded she is. The artist also has a perfect command of the use of different materials.

The abstraction in Shino Hirata's works are like a river and a mountain. You can't read her original intention, but you can definitely read her emotions.

The urban atmosphere in Akane Fujita's works comes from her life and work experience. She has a unique combination and use of materials. The relationship between space and environment is the focus of her works. It is like standing at night and looking up at the starry sky, or standing on the beach and waiting for seawater rinsing your little feet.

There are many tree shadows and lights in Mari Saito's works. She originally lived in a big city but then moved to the countryside of Kagawa. The difference between urban and rural culture and environment inspired her creation a lot.

Akiko Mabuchi is the only participating artist of this program I have not seen because she is about to give birth, yet I have seen her work. The use of blue and green in the works reflects the edification of the greeny mountains and waters on the artist's life. It is also the perception that a new life is about to be born.

It is a reunion with Nana Monda after ten years. She still occasionally paints her favorite cats. She looks more like a teenage girl when she participates in cat exhibitions. The style of her works is very Showa. She said that her work had been brightened a lot after coming to Kumamoto. The gradually powerful female image is indeed the most significant change in her work.

Diant Saku has traveled around the world with her family since childhood. She has been exposed to different cultures and influenced by cultures from other dimensions. It is a bit far-fetched to judge her belonging by nationality. She moves freely across the fields of art, music, film, etc., which makes her a multi-talented scientist.

"One Person" mentioned by Chizuko Ueno, an honorary professor of women's studies at the University of Tokyo, has always been one of the best-sellers. Single nobles refer to female figures who are financially independent and spiritually free. The improvement of economic independence and education, as well as the improvement of the social system, should be the key to the protection of women's rights and interests. I hope that in the post-pandemic era, the world is still beautiful and women can still live freely.

Shn Foward
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