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Because of Love
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《 Because of Love》— A female Contemporary Art Exhibition

 Because of Love – Love makes a better world

Because of Love - The 2nd Hong Kong International Female Contemporary Art Exhibition 2018, jointly organized by the Hongkong Land Limited and Hong Kong Art of Nature International Feminist Art Research Society, is the continuation of Infinite Love - The 1st International Female Contemporary Art Exhibition. It finally presents to the public after two years preparations. As the chief curator, it is my honor to invite 18 Hong Kong female artists who are enthusiastic in art and life. They strive for self-improvement, pursue ideal and learn for life. We are here together to present the fantastic part of art and life, and promote the beauty of the world.

China has entered a multicultural era in the 21st century. The diversified status of Chinese art is reflected in terms of context, logic, form, content and spirit. The contemporary female art is different from the art of any era. As an important social group, the increasing influence of female artists continues to attract the attention from the outside world. Female artists are often more able to express special emotions towards nature, beauty and humanity, providing different perspectives and natural materials for art creation. Besides showing their attachment towards nature and affection, female artists use their sensitive ways of thinking and delicate expression techniques to create bold, unique and straightforward artistic images. Nowadays, female artists are no longer a marginalized group, their talents and advantages are admired by many male artists. They have initially formed their own discourse system in the path of self-exploration. A brand new woman’s art and culture have been gradually constructed, and they are worthwhile to be supported and promoted.  

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The participating artists include those who have received formal art education, professional artists, elites from various industries (Ivy Chuang, Anne Yick-Hang, Qi Peng, Janice Chiu,  Nina Pryde, Liu Cheng Mui, Zhang Jin Ling, Wei Rong, Helen Pun, Donna Chu, Lily Hui, Annie Chan, Carine Chan, Aisin Gioro‧Hangkam,Katherine Wong and Cissy Cheung) and two specially invited young female artists (Liu Tung Mui and Minna Chan). These female artists have devoted themselves to the pursuit of art and acquired solid foundation from their teachers. Under the environment where there is a mix of Chinese and Western culture, the female artists in Hong Kong attempt to integrate their life and work experience into their art creation, expressing their inner thoughts through brushstrokes. In this exhibition, more than 30 ink paintings, oil paintings and sculptures will be presented to the public. The themes include human images in the society, natural landscapes, dynamic fantasy and urban sentiments, revealing the femininity and delicacy of women’s art as well as the style of resoluteness.

With “love” as the theme, the exhibition reminds people to cultivate and uphold human relationship from the perspective of love. It also promotes the art achievement of both outstanding women and disabled women in Hong Kong, aiming to encourage more women to understand and participate in art field. Art has always been universal and with no boundaries. Women with different backgrounds and experiences convey love and beauty through their art works. I am very touched to see that a large number of female artists in Hong Kong insist on pursuing art creation. With limited space and time, female artists seek inspiration from their daily lives for art creation, and infiltrate their art pursuits into the spiritual world, cultural beliefs and value systems. They use paintings to promote the good and show the charm of women's art. They interpret the world via their eyes with the use of delicate brushstrokes. With sincerity, exquisiteness, soft artistic language and perseverance in art spirit, female artists’ works allow people to re-recognize the true meaning of life.


Through the exhibition, we hope to promote the popularization and academic development of women's art. At the same time, we encourage people to understand the art world of the disabled and other special groups. Through the popularization of art and public education, we hope to establish the idea that participating in art is everyone’s fundamental right. As an art practitioner, we are committed to integrate contemporary life into art, encourage more women to record their current life with brushstrokes so as to reflect the current ideology of society and promote the continuous development of women's art. Let us make life artistic and make art to be part of our life.


Finally, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Hongkong Land Limited for their full support to the exhibition. I am truly grateful for the invaluable support and guidance from the consultants, experts and scholars for the research and development of women's art. May I also take this opportunity to thank all the participating female artists and members of the curatorial committee for their efforts and contribution!


"Art is unbounded, Beauty is priceless, Love is boundless" – Love makes a better world!



Founder & President of the Hong Kong Art of Nature International Feminist Art Research Society

Chief Curator of Because of Love – The 2nd Hong Kong International Female Contemporary Art Exhibition

Cissy Cheung

20 July 2018

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